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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

#LeeDefense Day 3/10/2010

An Investigation of Behavioral Syndromes and Individual Differences in Exploratory Behavior of Prairie Voles, Microtus ochrogaster
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Okay, it's not wordless. Has it ever been? I'm preparing for my big day and I keep running lists through my mind.

* The talk is ready.
* The tech was been worked out: I've made a successful Skype call to the out of town committee member. The video feed logistics seem to be working. Not only does it live feed, I can record it and folks can check it out later.
* My mom and family are in town and checked into the hotel. (There was some drama there, aaargh! But it all worked out.

Really the only thing I need to do now is get my hair done and pick out an outfit. And rest. Rest is definitely in order.

But I keep thinking I need "to study" for my defense tomorrow. After the public defense, the committee questions me privately about my research, why it matters, and whatever else they like. I keep thinking some one will ask me about quantum physics or neurobiology. Aaaarghh! Panic sets in.

The public defense begins promptly at 10 am CST.

The defense will be video streamed at:
I'll start streaming around 9:30 to get things set up. Big THANKS to my labmate L. Kent and her husband T. Kent for all of their assistance with the technology.

You can follow me at The video stream should allow twitter feed; however I will not be doing any twitter correspondence during my talk. (Sorry, not quite ready for that much social media accessibility). Please use the hashtag #LeeDefense when microblogging. I can answer questions you post here in the comments, and I'll get to them after the smoke clears.

If you plan to see the defense in person, I recommend arriving on campus no later than 9:30am. This place is a maze and parking is a beast. Link to Campus maps. The building is on North Campus. Link with additional info about the research and defense location.

Thank you all for your support and thank God for his Grace.


OmegaMom said...

Best of luck!

gigirose said...

Remember, you totally have it in the bag, bc no one on your committee would have let you get this far if they weren't prepared to watch you succeed.

Wish I had found your blog ages ago... will be enjoying you old posts, and enjoying your updates on what comes next!!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes from some random fan of science in Metro Detroit.

Dave said...

Congrats on a successful defense - Like what ur doing here

BB said...

Hey Dr D! How did it all go? I haven't had time to watch your defense yet and the live-streaming timing occurred at 3 in the morning for me. I bet you rocked it.

Congrats from down under!

Roberta said...

Congrats Dr. Lee. Got to finally hear your voice on the video. Great job!

marry said...

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

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