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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Open Lab is here. Buy yours today!

Yes, the long awaited, highly anticipated The Open Laboratory 2009 Edition is here!
*trumpets blow and confetti bombs released*

Yours truly can now say I have official publishing cred and is one heckuva of science blogger, too. I'm just saying. The book, yes - a for real, printed on paper, trees had to die, ISBN stamped paperback book is available for you all to purchase.
Give the gift of science...literacy to one and all. And if you do, I am more than happy to sign your physical copy (if we meet in person).
Proceeds of the book (beyond the cost of publishing, of course) will be contributed to funds for future ScienceOnline Meetings - the science blogging conference I attend.

Buy a book, it's almost better than buying Girl Scout cookies....and you all know how much I love Girl Scouts and Girl Scout Cookies.

There should be a patch for buying Open Laboratory 2009.
(I wish I had Dr. Isis' Photoshop skillz.)
Watch your sashes. I've always wanted one of my own.


scicurious said...

You are indeed one heck of a Science blogger!! It was great to have you in there! Lessee, can we make that button for the sidebar into a patch?

DNLee said...

Thanks Sci!

Wow, I'm getting ideas. I'm gonna make all of my blog widget awards into patches. I'll rock my own sash...Oh, that's right. I'm a Science Scout of Exemplary Repute. They need to make sashes.

scicurious said...

Can I have a sash!?! we can wear them at SciOnline with all our patches!!! We need a patch for blogrolling, a patch for carnival participation, a patch for books, a patch for...hmmm...

Isis the Scientist said...

Congrats mama. You really are one heck of a science blogger AND you have an array of mad skillz.

DNLee said...

oh, I'm gonna cry, you gals! Thanks ya'll....but I am loving the scout sash/patch idea. I'm gonna make friends with someone who sews. (I nevertook home-ec) but if we can get appliques or stich-witchery, then I'm down!

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