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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Setting My New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!

I know I have been posting less than regularly, but I assure that it is a good sign of my progress on my dissertation. The only thing that remains to be written is the Discussion section of my last chapter. All others have been written and handed in to my advisor to read. I feel very confident and excited about how my advisor will receive the last chapter. With each round of critiques from my lab mates and advisor on previous chapters, my remaining chapters are better written.

My work space at the University library. I have my papers sprawled all over and act like it's my personal desk.

So now that a very important chapter of my life/career preparation is coming to a close, I need to think about my next steps. It seems timely that this is happening at the beginning of a new year. I’m already primed to make resolutions and lists of things I need to do.

1. Defend the dissertation. Get all of the appropriate signatures and approvals from the top to bottom and all of the right people on the North American continent, in town, and in the same room no later than February 2010.

2. Apply for various post-doc and teaching positions that seem absolutely perfect for me. Visit places and give a talk (my dissertation) if appropriate. Start immediately after the defense party, February 2010.

3. Clean up the dissertation for graduation school. This mostly mean I need to add a table of contents, an acknowledge section, and thoroughly verify the margins. Plus, they expect a whopping check from me to publish this fine piece of science literature to sit on the shelves of the university library. No later than March 2010

4. Prepare manuscripts for publications. Three, maybe four depending on if I should split ‘em or lump ‘em. Send them off and get them in an editor’s hand by graduation, May 2010.
5. Walk across the stage and party with my friends and family. May 2010.

6. Hopefully, I’ll have a real prospect lined up by June. I’m even willing to relocate and get started as June/July. But I know I’ve got to have something by August. The new semester starts and I’ve got to have myself planted in new soil by then.

I’ll keep you all posted on how things are progressing and feel free to drop some links if you know of some great opportunities in your area. I am willing to relocate.

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Laura said...

Good news! Now with the online submission there aren't the big fees anymore. You can choose if you want them to have it in paper copy or not. I chose electronic only- no charge!

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