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Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Wish List

Happy Holidays,

Today is Winter Soltice, the shortest day of the year. Plus, Christmas is coming. I would normally get all excited heading home to see my family and seeing friends to celebrate New Year's Eve, but I've been pre-occupied. I am really cranking out the dissertation. That's why I've been a little quiet. My goal is the finish the whole thing by this Thursday, December 24th. Chapters one and two are done. These two chapters are the meatier of the manuscripts. Chapters three and four are lighter because I could not reject any of my hypotheses. That's not so bad, it happens sometimes. It just makes the discussion of the results short. There's not much to say, if not much happened. I need to write the Discussion for chapter 3. Chapter 4 is half done, just a little jumbled now. But I feel confident I can meet my deadline.

So my first Christmas wish is to be highly productive and proficient. I want to complete my manuscripts with no major over-hauls requested by my advisor or committee.

Everything else is just sweet bonus, but these T-shirts caught my eye.

AAAS was offering a free T-shirt with a year's subscription to Science Magazine. This one is about completing the dissertation. This is SO me right now. I have a subscription and I think it's good until next year (but now that I think about it, I'm not sure when it expires). So a gift subscription would be sweet, too.

This is another free T-shirt offered by AAAS with a subscription to Science Magazine. This one is about explaining your research at a party. I've actually done everything diagramed in the T-shirt except puppet show. Sweet idea! I think hand puppets of voles would actually make a pretty good props for my general public presentaions. I don't know if both shirts are beign offered, but I like both equally.

This next selection is just too sweet. Since I rock a big fro, I thought I this shirt might be perfect for me to wear - along with my picked out globe of hair at Science Online 2010. I came across it on Uncle Funky's Daughter Natural hair Salon & Boutique by way of Fly Girl Blog. By the way, their curly hair products looke divine, so while I'm wishing, I might as well go big. I'd love some Curly Magic - Curl Stimulator, as well as moisturizing cleanser and conditioning styling creme.

Finally, I'm always willing to accept the generic gift of kindness. If you feel so inclined, then please donate to your heart's content and wallet's capacity.

Happy Winter Soltice!


OmegaMom said...

Passing these on to you, as they fit with the "how to talk about your research" T-shirt either directly or tangentially:

Chad Orzel does the Bohr-Einstein debates with puppets


The AAAS "Dance Your Ph.D." contest results

Merry Christmas!

DNLee said...

Thanks Omega Mom, these links are great. My regular readers may remember my Microtus Shuffle when I participated in the 2009 AAAS Dance Your PhD contest. It was a blast.

It was fun to do and I still share it with people who wonder about what I do. It's a fun way to share. I might me making some hand puppets in the near future.

Zuska said...

Here's wishing you lots of luck with pushing through to that deadline. And be kind with yourself as you work through the diss, however long it takes. Hugs to you and happy holidays!

DNLee said...

thanks Zuska!

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