Monday, November 24, 2008

Update on my Contest and Media Adventures

Last week was a whirlwind week. Remember? I told you all about it with the post Having my own Adventures! Contests, Media and More.

Here is how the week ended.

1. The Blogging Scholarship Contest by College - I did not win. But I am still very honored and excited to have made the finalist list. A hearty congratulations goes to the winner of the contest David Mauro (author of Burnt Orange Report); he gave the early favorite Dave Cameron (author of USS Mariner).
I am very satisfied with my showing, 547 votes total. Despite all of the feed reading services I subscribe to I am never certain of my reach. Thank you to everyone who voted, sent emails, solicited supported, and tried to vote but could not. But in a way I feel like I did win. My page gained a lot of exposure from this contest and I hope I have earned some new readers/fans.

2. AAAS Dance Your Ph.D. Contest. I did not win this one either. But, again I got a lot of exposure. Did you see me on ABC News? Seriously, check out the story on ABC News Webcast – Technology and Science. I make a quick cameo appearance. Tee hee hee.
Plus, my Microtus Shuffle Video has over 3000 views in a week. That’s the most popular video I have posted. I should also this and my other urban Science Adventures on ScienceTV. But just learning how to use Vimeo has me swamped.
3. Made new Friends. I made some new online friends.
a. Mario Armstrong. A BIG THANK YOU to him for letting me speak to his radio audience. Last Wednesday (19th) I was on his show - Digital Spin Radio Show on WEAA - 88.9 FM, Baltimore’s NPR and Jazz Radio Station.
b. Lisa of Lisa’s Chaos. I met her and her husband for breakfast this weekend. We discovered we share a love for the outdoors, nature photography, and Cracker Barrel.

Whew! I’m tired and must get back to work.
Thanks for your continued support and visits.

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