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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Urban Environmental Science Program - Green Works of Kansas City

I was web-surfing (read procrastinating big time - not working on my dissertation like I was supposed to) and came across this gem -- Green Works for Kansas City.

Assuming I am comprehending what I am reading right, then this organization is all about exploring urban environmental science issues in Kansas City and promoting Green Collar job opportunities for inner-city youth. Ya'll know how much I love that!

A flagship program of Green Works KC is ECOS - Environmental Stewardship and Workforce Development. Students, excuse me for my school jargon, or rather participants explore environmental science topics like water filtration, public sewage and waste management, urban deforestation, recycling, and other environmental matters that impact their city.

Wow, I'm on the other side of the state, but if and when I get out that way, I will definitely look them up. I think it is a great model for agencies interested in Green Collar Job development.

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