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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Science Writing for Highlights Magazine

I was sitting in the Dr.'s office and was thumbing through an issue of Highlights. I was instantly taken to my childhood. I loved those activity maganzines and I loved the TimberToes. Iwas such a nerd, even now.

I was looking through this issue and say a familiar name in the author section of an article. "I know this author" I thought. I met her. She's a Ph.D. ecologists and accomplish popular science writer. I scanned her article about snakes for young readers and I thought "I could submit articles to this youth magazine."

Though I am still green, I like knowing there are venues. So, I am researching all of the outreach possibilities. Highlights has a pretty impressive science section and a Science Editor. Heck, even most majoy newspapers no longer have science editors. Any way, there are several submission options and I'll start looking into it soon.

Wish me luck.

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