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Monday, October 01, 2007

Tagged on ScienceBlogs!

I have been Blog Rolled on by A Blog Around the Clock. It is a real treat to be mentioned by anyone, especially a well-respected science site like ScienceBlogs.
Thanks, Coturnix.

ScienceBlogs is a growing online community of science bloggers. These scientists blog about every possible science discipline and society issues that stem from or are affected by scientific enterprise.

Oh, and if I'm not too far off, the community is sponsored by the publishers of SEED Magazine.
SEED Magazine is this century's popular science news magazine. I love it. I encourage everyone to get a copy, especially teachers, youth group leaders, and public libary custodians. It includes thought provoking essays, interviews with scientists and science policy makers, and it even includes science crib sheets! That Rocks!
So, please subscribe. Why? Well of the most popular science news magazines (intended for general audiences) like Discover, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics - the average reader is a white male, age 51, college-educated, with a middle income or better. That means there are a LOT of other people not reading about science. Let's see if we can do something about that.

My next recommendation is to check out and check out some of the essays. The writing style and links may be a little to thick for most of my target audience (teens and young adults) but by all means give it a try. Even I can't make out every word of the blogs about chemistry, space science, and microbiology. So don't feel intimidated.

If you come across something that even remotely touches on something you've covered in class. Print it off. Impress your teachers.

Happy science adventures!

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